Located at the southern end of Citrus County, Homosassa and Homosassa Springs offer a wilderness waterfront environment only an hour north of the greater Tampa area via the Suncoast Parkway. Many people who wish to escape the bigger city but must still commute to their jobs have discovered that living in Homosassa provides the best of both worlds.

Nature preserves, wetlands with fields of sawgrass, and wildlife reservations make up much of the natural splendor of Homosassa. Sprinkled among this scenic backdrop is some of the most desirable waterfront property in Citrus County, Florida.

The natural resource that has had the most impact on Homosassa’s economy is the fishing industry. The numerous species found throughout the Homosassa River and Gulf of Mexico have provided subsistence and a profitable way of life for generations of Homosassa residents, as well as recreation for tourists. From the time of the Indians to the time of the “Mullet Express,” the seafood industry was a staple and integral part of Homosassa’s culture.

Most of the commercial fishing industry has succumbed to the combined pressures of decreasing catches, pollution, net bans, environmental regulations, and the high cost of fuel and fleet maintenance. However, Old Homosassa maintains that “fishing community” feel which coexists with an ever-growing tourism industry. Development of the community has been slow and largely in keeping with the community’s image of itself.

The many canals, inlets, and waterways that emanate from and surround the area serve as a way of life for many. Flats fishing and saltwater fishing are world renowned in Homosassa.

The Florida Manatee have put Homosassa and Homosassa Springs on the map, but it is the rich history and colorful residents that have made it famous. Homosassa residents share a love of seafood and there is no better place to find it than the many waterfront restaurants, bar & grills, and seafood stands where it seems there are always shrimp for sale.


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